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✅ WHY SOOO SQUATTY TOILET STOOL? Human beings are meant to relieve themselves in a squatted position – this is how our ancestors in ancient times did it and it`s how our bodies are to do it today

✅ ALIGNS THE COLON FOR FASTER, EASIER RELIEF – With the SOOO SQUATTY you can return to the more natural squatted position, while still enjoying the comfort and hygiene of a modern toilet

✅ WORKS WITH ANY STANDARD TOILET – The SOO SQUATTY measures approx. 9″ and you can use it with any toilet – both standard toilets that measure 14″ – 15.5″ and comfort height toilets that measure 16″ – 18″

✅ THE BETTER WAY TO GO FOR HEALTHIER RESULTS – recommended by doctors all over the world to help relive: Constipation, Bladder problems, Pelvic floor issues, Straining, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Bloating, Hemorrhoids.

✅ MAY TAKE SOME ADJUSMENT… – It may be hard to get used to the different feel of squatting on the toilet at first, but this is normal. Some users may be able to adjust right away, while others may need a week or so to get used to this healthier, more natural way of eliminating.

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